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Does REACH for Literacy work? Absolutely!

Here are some glowing reviews and testimonials collected from the many who achieved success with REACH for Literacy.

“The tutoring program improved my son’s confidence tremendously!” – Harrison Z

“Our son enjoyed the one-on-one tutoring program. I believe the tutoring program not only assisted with his reading skills but also boosted his communication and listening skills.” – Janine F

“Our son’s reading ability has increased significantly because of this tutoring program. More importantly, he realizes he is capable of learning and has confidence to approach new learning opportunities eagerly.” – Jeannette C

“We have seen our daughter’s reading improve by leaps and bounds. We are so pleased with her progress.” – Kim F

“The one-on-one tutoring program gave my daughter a head start with her reading abilities.  She could hardly wait for her next session.” – Muriel M