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REACH for Literacy - Teach Your Child to Read

REACH for Literacy provides parents and teachers with step-by-step reading and writing lesson plans to effectively tutor a preschool or kindergarten child through building a solid literacy foundation and then teaching him/her to read and write.
Developed and field-tested by Dr. Rena M. Walker, this enrichment guide offers a practical way to apply theories of child-centered and whole-brain processing approaches. Not only are these approaches effective for your child, but they are also enjoyable for you to use. One-on-one instruction allows the tutor to personalize the activities. REACH for Literacy is known to teach more in less time.
A 4-year-old child is tutored 30 minutes twice a week during the first 3 weeks of the month to complete 46 lessons before kindergarten. If the student is 5, he/she should be tutored for 30 minutes 3–4 times a week, complete the 46 lessons, and read additional leveled books before entering first grade.

Components in the REACH for Literacy program include:

  • Language Development
  • Balanced Components: including Shared Reading, Guided Process Reading, Modeled Writing, and Guided Process Writing
  • Phonemic Awareness • Phonics
  • Spelling • Handwriting
  • Reading and Writing Strategies
  • Comprehension • Assessment
  • 8 AA Level Books • 9 A Level Books
  • And Much More!

What sets REACH for Literacy apart from other programs?

  • No drill
  • Skills are taught in a context where they make sense
  • Each child is individually paced
  • Activities can be personalized to each child’s interest and favorite subjects
  • Foundation skills smoothly transition a child into reading & writing
  • Assessment descriptors match the child’s behaviors, no confusing test scores
  • Learning is reflected in classroom instruction
The REACH for Literacy tutoring guide will direct the parent or teacher step by step through a child’s literacy development to ensure he/she is a successful reader and writer.

One-on-One Makes All The Difference.... REACH for Literacy!

Thank you for your interest in starting a

REACH for Literacy

program at your site. It is easy to do

It is easy to start a REACH for Literacy program at your site. Just order a kit for each student, then decide who will be your teacher tutors (retired teachers or individuals already employed). Dr. Walker recommends each individual tutors no more than 3 students a day or 6 different students a week.
Charge parents a monthly fee that is comfortable for your clients or offer scholarships.
  • For a fee of $150, due on the first lesson of the month, a teacher would tutor each 4-year-old for 30 minutes twice a week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) during the first 3 weeks of the month to complete 46 lessons before kindergarten.
  • The teacher tutor would receive $120 a month ($20 a lesson) for each child for preparation time and 6 tutoring sessions.
  • The preschool center would receive $30 a month ($5 a lesson) for providing tutoring space and insurance.
  • The last week of the month is used for make-up lessons.
Additional support materials include:
  • 25 Enrollment Rack Cards
  • Preschool Poster
If you need more information about starting a program, Click to send a message to Dr. Walker.