REACH for Literacy - Literacy Enrichment for the Young Child

REACH for Literacy is now available to parents & teachers for the first time. Spend ONLY one hour a week and watch the magic happen with your preschool or kindergarten child. One-on-One Makes All The Difference!

The REACH for Literacy program is a must for parents who are home schooling. No formal training is necessary. REACH for Literacy includes step by step lesson activities to develop your child’s: vocabulary, listening skills, strategies for figuring out words, phoneme awareness, phonic and spelling skills, comprehension, handwriting, grammar, and all writing & reading skills through the first grade level.

REACH for Literacy is dramatically different from any other program on the market.

You and your child/student will delight in how much learning will take place in each 30 minute session. REACH for Literacy uses a child’s interconnected thinking system of listening, speaking, reading, and writing to build a solid literacy foundation and strong reader and writer. It will change your understanding about early literacy acquisition and beginning reading and writing instruction. Field tested for five years with outstanding results and lessons are FUN! Order today!

REACH for Literacy is a PARENT / TEACHER's Tutoring Kit for One-on-One Instruction in Reading & Writing - AGES 4 to 7

  • Is your child ready to achieve the kindergarten requirements?
  • Is your gifted child ready to read NOW?
  • Is your child having difficulty learning how to read because of his/her attention span, second language, or poor instruction issues?

Help your child be in the top one-third of the class! Start building your child’s literacy foundation and reading and writing skills NOW!

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One-on-One Makes All The Difference.... REACH for Literacy!